Virtual Table Top Training


AVERT Virtual Tabletop provides advanced decision making training. Avert Table Top delivers:

  • Rapid development and execution of tabletop exercises.
  • A virtual interactive exercise and training environment for facilitator, blue team and red team forces.
  • A tool for executives and security personnel for evaluation of procedures and decision making training.
  • Based upon AVERT model and selected threat scenarios.
  • Support for real-time playback and iterative analysis.
  • Virtual Tabletop Introduction from ARES Security on Vimeo.

    Virtual Reality Training

    AVERT Virtual Training makes security training more interactive, realistic and measurable. AVERT Virtual Reality Training delivers:

  • Interactive role-based VR training for tactics, techniques and procedures.
  • High-fidelity, 3D visualizations of your environment and simulated threat scenarios.
  • Virtual training for joint responses at a desktop or with wearables
  • Detailed performance measurement reports.
  • Rapid customization of training exercises and drills.