Vulnerability & Security Technology Assessment


CSG’s Vulnerability & Technology Assessments deliver quantitative analysis of existing and planned physical security and safety systems in a highly detailed 3-D environment. CSG uses ARES AVERT software platform to deliver validated, quantitative results for informing management decisions. The typical scope of a Vulnerability & Technology Assessments includes:

  • Rapid 3-D Modeling of Facilities / Campus
  • Characterization of Existing Infrastructure, Systems and Personnel
  • Modeling and Simulation of designated Design Basis Threat scenarios
  • Analyzation of Results to determine vulnerabilities
  • Mitigation Recommendations with updated Results
  • Generation of Cost Benefit Analysis and System Effectiveness

  • Creating a Digital Twin

    CSG can create a "digital twin" of your facility in order to improve operation efficiency. We combine high resolution overlapping photographs to produce a 3D model of the site exterior. The interior is then mapped with a mobile scanner fitted with 4 LiDAR scanners and 6 high resoltuion cameras. The result is an incredilby accurate and robust model of your site that becomes the geometirc backbone of the dataset.

    Take a look at this video from our partners at Solstrata to see this incredible technology in action.