Incident Response Development


Leveraging CSG’s Subject Matter Experts across multiple disciplines, a complete assessment for optimizing existing systems and SOP’s provides our Clients comprehensive analysis and implementation of system and procedural upgrades. The typical scope of this project includes:

  • Leverage AVERT Assessment (if applicable)
  • Technical Evaluation of Existing Systems and Review of Policies, Procedures, and Legal impacts
  • Determination of Threats and Required Response
  • Development of Recommendations
  • Implementation of Technical Recommendations
  • Roll-out of updated Response Plans and Policies

  • Typical Case: Active Shooter Assessment for Corporate Client

    Adhering to the requirement to perform a TVRA for a Corporate Client’s HQ Campus with a focus on how to mitigate against active shooter threats, the cost benefit analysis revealed that security effectiveness could be increased even with a decrease in security spending. A planned $2M technology upgrade did not increase security effectiveness against threats. In addition, many guard posts that do not increase security effectiveness and can be easily replaced with low cost technology were identified. The result was an optimized security plan increasing security effectiveness significantly and saves $2M capex and $1.5M opex