What is an Avert Vulnerability Assessment?

  • A Vulnerability Assessment that utilizes AVERT 3D modeling and simulation software to provide visual and quantitative results
  • The model is a virtual environment of a facility that includes the actual physical site and security tactical infrastructure, technology, and personnel
  • The software simulates thousands of scenarios and automatically identifies vulnerabilities and threats
  • The scenario results are delivered in quantitative reports and simulation videos 
  • Numeric metrics for overall effectiveness of threat detection and neutralization
  • Risk-based performance metrics for protective measures
  • Cost-benefit analysis of mitigation strategies
  • Video simulation of scenarios that import into our Virtual Battlespace training program, BluTrain


  • DBT’s are rapidly evolving and risk mitigation strategies must keep up with the pace of change
  • Security personnel need to perform rapid what-if analysis of any combination of risk mitigation strategy and DBT
  • Security personnel need a compliance tool to quickly record moves, adds, changes and the impact of those actions on overall system effectiveness    
  • Executives need to visualize security threats and quantify risk mitigation effectiveness against those threats
  • Executives need quantitative justification for both increases and decreases in security spending


  • Security industry leading Mod-SIM software for over 15 years
  • Tested, approved and trusted by U.S.G and Critical Infrastructure
  • Results validated by Force on Force exercises 
  • Scalable to any type of Critical Infrastructure & Threat

AVERT is a Trusted Software Solution