About CSG

Born out of the nuclear weapons space, Confluence Security Group is a specialized high value asset security company with years of experience securing the world’s most critical assets. Confluence’s core mission is to bring the same level of quality and usable security solutions to governments and Fortune 500 companies across all sectors in a cost effective manner.

 Confluence has established themselves as a thought leader in complex physical security and situational awareness solutions. Confluence leverages years of experience designing command and control systems to integrate threat analysis, technical systems, and field tactics in the overall architecture to tie these elements together into a usable and consolidated system, providing full situational awareness to their clients. Once deployed, Confluence works closely with the end users to ensure all appropriate parties are trained in the proper tactics, techniques and procedures to meet the updated capabilities of the new systems in place. 

Throughout their history, Confluence has delivered security solutions for the United States Air Force, the US Department of Energy, the US National Nuclear Security Administration, private nuclear power sites, SAIC, CISCO Systems, and other government agencies.


Our Team


Jake Brecheen - CEO  

Mr. Brecheen has over a decade of experience in acting as the technology driver behind the design and deployment of cutting-edge physical security solutions for high-value asset government facilities, with the predominance of his experience  coming from the US Nuclear Weapons Complex sites or National Laboratories.  During his career, Mr. Brecheen deployed the first true command and control system for the United States Nuclear Weapons Complex and wrote the book on situational awareness/command and control systems for the National Nuclear Security Administration.  His architectures and designs across multiple agencies are still in use and being expanded to date. Mr. Brecheen and his team excel at coordinating strategic physical security technology initiatives across entire enterprises and facilities and developing comprehensive risk management strategies for organizations.  His specialties include: strategic technology initiatives, nuclear security systems, command and control systems, large scale wireless systems, program / project management, PSIM, high-value asset physical security, and systems integration.


Dan Zwinck - Director of Systems Deployment

For the past ten years, Mr. Zwinck has served as a specialized project engineer and manager with a focus in complex network architectures for physical security systems. Mr. Zwinck is a highly experienced engineer who has designed, deployed and configured complex security solutions for some of the most secure sites in the United States.  During his career, Mr. Zwinck managed the deployment of a sophisticated microwave communications solution, covering nearly 50,000 square miles for the US’s ICBM sites and has managed countless field deployments for the US Department of Defense.  Mr. Zwinck has also been instrumental in managing the design and deployment of multiple, highly complex Physical Security Information Management systems for command and control at government and commercial facilities.


Dwayne Westmoreland - Director of Physical Security

Dwayne Westmoreland has twenty one plus years of combined private and Department of Energy (DOE) security experience, serving the most recent years as a Security Vulnerability Analyst. Dwayne held a DOE Q Clearance, and in addition, was enrolled in the DOE Human Reliability Program (HRP). Dwayne recently completed the new DOE VA Analysis program established to certify VA Analysts to meet the requirements of DOE Manual 470.4-1 and was also an active participant in the development and beta testing of a number of DOE modeling tools and software packages. Dwayne has performed specialized non proliferation vulnerability analyzes for special nuclear materials using various DOE approved tools and software to analyze protective system effectiveness against theft and sabotage. Dwayne also served as an active member of the DOE sponsored Vulnerability Assessment Technical Working Group (VATWEG) and the VA Quality Panel and was also a user consultant and beta tester for the Adversary Timeline Analysis System (ATLAS) program developed by Sandia National Laboratory. Specialties include: High Value Asset Security Specialist, Non-proliferation Specialist, Security Vulnerability Specialist.



Jason Moore - Director of Systems Integration

Mr. Moore has over 16 years of electrical design and installation in both civilian and military environments. He has worked on the design and deployment of  complex integrated security solutions consisting of radar, visual detection, command and control platforms, non-lethal deterrents, access control and  wireless communication. Mr. Moore specializes in PSIM design, implementation  and project management along with configuration and deployment of wireless  mesh networks.  Mr. Moore has been involved in several large scale PSIM rollouts across the U.S.


Vess Barnes - Chief Concept Development Officer

Vess Barnes 3 is a principal investor in Confluence Security Group as well as our Chief Concept Development Officer. He is the creator of the non-lethal photonic disruption defense system and has been actively assisting in guiding the final configuration and functionality of the system. An eclectic variety of study and research into the effects of exposure of high intensity light on animals and humans allows Vess to offer a unique perspective on design and deployment of photonic technologies. Numerous and varied experiences in emission technologies over the past 20 years bolsters Vess’s ability to be an integral part of conceptualizing creative solutions to defensive and offensive security challenges.